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  • The iWipes I purchased are great!  Saves time, money, paper towels, water--you name it!  Thanks so much for making this product.

    A Satisfied Customer in New York City

  • I purchased customized iWipes Pockets with my company's logo on it.  They were delivered on time, at a great price, and best of all, were well-received by the clients I gave them to.  I will definitely be using iWipes again to promote my business.

    Real Estate Broker, Texas, U.S.A.

  • I always carry iWipes with me; I like using it to wipe the lenses of my glasses clean every time my young daughter grabs and smudges them. I've tried a lot of cleaning cloths and iWipes is hands-down the best quality product out there. They are the wipes that keep on wiping!

    Jeff Sparrow, CEO GeoCommerce, California

  • iWipes are awesome at keeping our camera lenses clean. Thanks!

    All My Friends Are Stars

  • I am blown-away by the quality of these little cloths. They actually work well and last a long time. I have used and reused the same iWipes Pocket in my jeans pocket, every day, for over 3 years now! My wife has washed it with my slacks and it still holds up. My work sites get dirty, but iWipes has kept my cell and protective eyewear clean on the job.

    John S., General Contractor and Real Estate Developer, Georgia

  • As the owner of a media company, I am thrilled at the opportunity to offer iWipes and the iWipes App as a custom, promotional item for my clients. It's different and it works. Clients love iWipes 'cause their customers love iWipes and all that they can do with them!

    Chris Keyser, CEO Keyser Media, Fredericksburg, Virginia, U.S.A.

  • I placed an order for iWipes as a smart, promotional item that we handed-out to prospective customers who came by our booth at an industry trade show. Prospective clients really like the product. I'm a fan of iWipes and I'm looking forward to using the iWipes App and ordering custom iWipes, with our logo on them, in the future!

    Karl G. Schlegel III, CoFounder BrandedGlobal.com

  • I'm a retired senior citizen who loves to travel with my significant other. I also love to read books which requires me to wear reading glasses. I use both the iWipes Pocket and the iWipes Pro to clean everything from my eyeglasses, sunglasses and Android smartphone - to the windows and mirrors in my car and home. I packed both of them on my last trip to London. iWipes survived the journey and cleaned our foggy eyeglasses. Great product.

    Christine Phillips, Bridgewater, New Jersey

  • I've introduced iWipes to my network as custom gifts on behalf of my company, because everyone I know has a handful of possessions/devices with screens or glass that they want to protect and keep clean. iWipes does the best job. Quality product. It lasts. It's a product people want, use and keep. It makes for an ideal promotional business item ~ especially with the iWipes App and iWipes For Good.

    Lindsey S. Nagy, Managing Partner NAGY VENTURES

  • You guys have a nice product worth the brand name. This works. And now I see you're offering the mobile application for clients to make custom promotions. The iWipes is a smart solution.

    Avi, B&HPhoto-Video, NYC

  • My team and I used the iWipes Pockets and iWipes Pros as prizes that we awarded to winning contestants at our trade show booth. We run a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) / Network Marketing / Direct Sales business. The recipients of the cleaning cloths really liked their iWipes. And we all love how the iWipes App works to deliver our marketing message. No one else had that great tech and it really helped us stand-out! Thanks iWipes!

    Kash P, Morristown, NJ

  • I run a Waste-To-Energy technology business. My partners selected the "Green" iWipes (all products: Pocket, Pro, Keychain and Sticky) to customize and give away as our "sustainable business cards".  We were very pleased with our purchase and quality. Everyone we meet with also likes gets a kick out of our products and uses them. Less paper, less water, less trash...way to go green iWipes!

    Cameron Kruger., COO Green Worldwide, LLC, (Global)

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